About Us

The Summit Education Program

Serving Duncanville ISD students in grades 2-12 since 1995
The Summit is a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program campus focused on providing a structured learning environment and behavior modification programs for students who have been removed from their home campus due to disciplinary issues such as fighting, substance abuse, or other violations of the student code of conduct. 

Key Facts:

  • All coursework is provided by the student's home campus teachers. Summit teachers facilitate each lesson and provide learning support. Completed work is returned to home teachers for grading.
  • Every Wednesday or WIN day, the Math and RLA teacher work with students on growth by differentiating instruction to support student learning with specific identified TEKs. 
  • Capacity for 90 students, though has served up to 140  
  • 30-day placements on average
  • Provides core academic classes and electives
  • Utilizes restorative practices and SEL skills training
  • Greater than 80% percent success rate 

Admissions Process:  

  • Referral from home campus
  • Approval from Student Services
  • The Summit contacts parents to schedule an intake appointment
  • Intake process and orientation Monday-Thursday
  • Student attend the Summit the day after attending intake, (enrollment occurs Monday-Friday)

Transition Back to Home Campus:

  • Student completes Life Arts Project sharing goals and plan
  • Transition meeting with the student, counselors, and administrators from the Summit and the home campus
  • The Summit provides ongoing monitoring and support that begins within 5 work-days of the student returning to their home campus

The Summit aims to empower students with a second chance to be successful by teaching them the power of demonstrating self-discipline and personal accountability.